men-walk-on-moon-ff.jpg“THE EAGLE HAS LANDED”
Neil Armstrong and Gus Aldrin Successfully Land on the Moon’s Surface!
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The New York Times
July 21, 1969

Here is the original and much sought-after Times issue announcing one of the most incredible feats in the history of mankind, the landing on Earth’s satellite. Huge headlines scream: “MEN WALK ON MOON.” “ASTRONAUTS LAND ON PLAIN; COLLECT ROCKS, PLANT FLAG.”  The front page contains no fewer than three very large photos showing Neil Armstrong moving away from the landing craft after taking the first step, Col. Aldrin climbing down the ladder, and both men raising the American Flag. There is page after page of reporting and photographs from the Moon including a transcript of the communications between Apollo 11 and Mission Control at Houston. It’s really hard to put this issue down for even a minute as I vividly remember the day it happened. You probably do, too!

You get the two key sections of the paper–the “A” Section and the “Special Supplement: “APOLLO 11 MAN AND THE MOON.” Condition is very fine with just a bit of browning on the centerfold. This issue can be handled easily without doing any harm.  No historical newspaper collection can be really complete without this graphic issue. We only have one in stock and expect it to sell quickly.