Mississippi Admitted To The Union

american mercury newspaper

American Mercury
Hartford, Connecticut
December 23, 1817

This rare newspaper has the original Federal Act for Mississippi’s admission to the union as the 20th state, on December 10th, 1817.  The Act is signed, “in type”,  by Secretary of State Henry Clay. and President James Monroe.

There are also important news reports on the capture of Amelia Island, Florida, and a message from General Gaines (Gainesville) regarding Seminole and Red Stick hostility along the Georgia/Florida border. Additionally, this scarce newspaper is simply filled with  foreign and domestic news, interesting articles, and absolutely fascinating ads (some boldly illustrated) from this early period in American history. It’s akin to a “time machine” on durable rag paper, easily read and shared by all.

Complete in for pages, and in very fine condition. A must-have for any devotee or collector of Mississippi and United States history.

Price: $750.00