pluto-discovery-hf.jpgChicago Daily Tribune
March 14, 1930

A huge banner headline trumpets the astronomical event: “SEE ANOTHER WORLD IN THE SKY.” Subhead says: “SCIENTISTS SPY PLANET HUNTED FOR 25 YEARS. Astronomers Believe It’s Big and Cold.” The startling discovery was made at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, named for Dr. Percival Lowell, who mathematically predicted the existence of a ninth planet in 1905. The Tribune quotes reports as saying “Although its size has not been determined definitely, it is believed it may be bigger than Jupiter, largest member of the solar family, and 1,200 times larger than the earth. The announcement said it is certainly no smaller than the earth.”  The article is continued inside with a drawing of the new trajectory.  Obviously, Pluto is extremely cold, but the report is dead wrong about it being “bigger than Jupiter”–talk about a stretch!  Recently, Pluto was downgraded to a large asteroid leaving the Solar System with but eight true planets!

Seventeen pages and printed on special white rag stock. Cut at spine for microfilming. Excellent condition. Would be a nice issue to frame for a wall!