vicksburg-falls-mast.jpgNew York Daily Tribune
July 9, 1863

Front page stacked headings announce the surrender of Vicksburg, Mississippi to General U.S. (“Unconditional Surrender”) Grant! The entire first column tells the story of the end of a long siege. The Mississippi is now truly open to the Union Army in a tragic blow for the Confederacy.

In other front page news, there is speculation that General Robert E. Lee’s defeated army will attempt to make a strong stand in Maryland and that it cannot reach Virginia. There is a great action-packed report from the “Battle-Field of Gettysburg, July 5, 1863” on “The Fight of the First Corps.” (I couldn’t put this one down!) Other reports read: “Position of the Rebels,” and “Incidents of the Rebel Occupation of Hagerstown.” Finally, headlines report “THE VICTORY AT HELENA, ARK. THE REBELS REPULSED AT ALL POINTS.”

8 pp., with nice wide margins, and in very fine condition. Add this one to your special Civil War collection!