king-tuts-tomb-ff.jpgFAMOUS PHAROAH’S TOMB REVEALED!

The New York Times
Special Rotogravure Section
February 11, 1923

The incredible newly-uncovered treasures of King Tutankhamen’s Tomb are displayed for all America to see. This special photo section of the Times contains three huge photographs of the Pharoah’s fabulous treasure including one of two actual life-size statues of the minor Egyptian ruler.  Among the tomb’s contents are the casket containing the King’s ceremonial robes, mummified food(!), gold animal statues, alabaster vases, and much more.

The tomb of King Tut had been recently discovered y the Earl of Carnarvon’s Party in the Valley of the Kings near the Ancient Thebes. It created quite a stir–exhibitions of these treasures still draw huge crowds worldwide.  The discovery of the tomb’s contents certainly proved the adage, “You can’t take it with you!”

4 pp., in nice condition with corner tear pp. 3 & 4, but not affecting any of the Tut material. Extremely scarce, and a “treasure” in itself.