1st-auto-ad.jpg         “DISPENSE WITH A HORSE.”

Scientific American
New York

August 13, 1898

The Winton Motor Carriage Co. of Cleveland, Ohio advertises “THE WINTON MOTOR CARRIAGE.” In a bold ad headed: “DISPENSE WITH A HORSE”, the company’s new horseless carriage is said to travel at a speed between 3 and 20 miles per hour with no vibration. “Kane’s Famous First Facts” along with numerous websites note this to be the very first advertisement for an automobile. Intricate illustration of the car as well.

The advertisement apparently was effective, because Robert Allison of Port Carbon, Pennsylvania, purchased a Winton Motor Carriage after seeing the ad in Scientific American. Later that year, Winton sold 21 more vehicles, including one to James Ward Packard who later established his own automobile company.

This photo-filled illustrated newspaper is also simply loaded with shots of the destroyed Spanish fleet at the Battle of Manila Bay during the ongoing Spanish-American War. Admiral Dewey’s U.S. battleships massacred Admiral Cervera’s ships in a decisive encounter in the Philippines.

The original and complete issue containing all sixteen pages, and preserved in very fine condition. One of the most important publications of the late 19th century we have ever encountered.