chisholm-fp.jpgCan a State be Sued by One or More Individuals of Another State?

Columbian Centinel, Boston
Wednesday, March 13, 1793

In this early landmark case, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that a citizen of one state may indeed sue another state in a federal court, as provided for in Article II, Section 2 of the Federal Constitution. This decision will eventually lead to the 11th Amendment which repealed this section of the Constitution in 1798. The front page reports the case and explains the decisions of five of the Justices including Chief Justice John Jay.

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. Front page “OFFICIAL LETTER, to be delivered on the part of the French Republick to the United States of America.” In part, “Our brothers of the United States will, no doubt, have heard with gladness, the new revolution which overthrew that last obstacle to our liberty. This revolution was necesary. Royalty was still existing, and in every constitution where it exists there is no true liberty. Kings and Equality are incompatible with each other; it is their business to conspire against equality, and against the sovereignty of Nations.” A fascinating piece of history–you’ll read this more than once!

Four pages, fine condition. Any attorney or judge would like this original newspaper for his office!