prohibition-repealed-article-1.jpgLegal Liquor Returns to America

The New York Times
December 6, 1933

Utah becomes the 36th State to ratify the 21st Amendment to the Constitution. The Times reports this event using five-column triple-tiered headlines: “PROHIBITION REPEAL IS RATIFIED AT 5:32 P.M.; ROOSEVELT ASKS NATION TO BAR THE SALOON; NEW YORK CELEBRATES WITH QUIET RESTRAINT. ” The front page prints the entire “Repeal Proclamation.” The first ten pages of this historic newspaper contain headlines and stories on the repeal of prohibition and what it means for the country.

This is the complete 48-page original edition printed on special rag stock for preservation. Only around ninety of these papers were printed by the Times in order to preserve their historic newspapers. The paper is in near mint condition and should last for centuries! This is truly the perfect issue to display in a home bar–what a conversation piece! Only one is available, so please call or email promptly.