bush-president-3.jpg“Florida pushes Texan over the top with bare majority”
The (soon-to-be) disputed election of 2000
Hillary Rodham Clinton Elected to the U.S. Senate

The Washington Times
November 8, 2000

Here is a simply great headline announcing the election of George W. Bush after the race in Florida was finally called….only to be disputed and fought-over for the next month both in recounts and in the courts. The paper announces: “PRESIDENT BUSH” and shows a front page color photograph of Gov. Bush and Laura Bush.  The lead story begins, “George W. Bush, the son of the president who was vanquished by the Clinton-Gore team eight years ago, avenged his father early this morning by defeating Al Gore, creating only the second father-son presidential dynasty in history.”  This historic issue also contains numerous headlines, photos, stories and maps detailing the entire 2000 election and return of a Republican to the Oval Office.

In addition, the front page carries the report that Hillary Clinton has been elected to the U.S. Senate from New York (“I’ve always been a Yankees fan.”).

This virtually mint condition issue contains the first two sections, lacking only advertisements and local news–it’s the way I received it. A must for a serious Presidential collection.