niles-full-front.jpgChief Justice John Marshall rules against the State of Maryland

Niles’ Weekly Register, Baltimore, Maryland
March 20, 1819

Taking up more than eight pages in this historic issue you will find the full text of Chief Justice John Marshall’s decision in McCulloch v. Maryland upholding the constitutionality of a nationally chartered bank that states could not tax. The State of Maryland had imposed a tax on the Bank of the United States branch in that state. When the cashier, James McCulloch refused to pay the tax, Maryland brought suit in the Supreme Court. The Court ruled that the tax was unconstitutional, setting the stage for further expansion of federal governmental powers. The front page also discusses the decision and its ramifications.

Other reports include two communications from General Andrew Jackson regarding operations in Florida during the Seminole War–very exciting reading!

Sixteen pages, octavo, very good condition, small cover spot and other light foxing. A great piece for an attorney, judge, or student of law.