lind-2.jpgCharles Lindbergh’s own account of the History-Making Flight

Stamford Advocate
Stamford, Connecticut
May 23, 1927

Huge headline: “SEEK CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR FOR LINDBERGH.” The intrepid flyer, who had just flown solo across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris, tells his own story of the historic flight. “HOW LINDBERGH ACCOMPLISHED N.Y. PARIS TRIP.” Flying partly through a sleet storm, sometimes only ten feet above the water, Lindbergh casually said, “I was lucky…I found a happy medium and flew through the worst of the storm….I was more frightened by the crowds at Le Bourget (airport) than at any time during the trip. If I hadn’t gotten out of the plane they would have broken it up.” In another of many articles headed, “AIRPLANE IS GIVEN MOST CREDIT FOR TRIP BY LINDBERGH,”the pilot praised his famous “Spirit of St. Louis” single-engine aircraft for getting him threw. (The original plane is now in the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in Washington).  Also, please see the large bust photo of Capt. Lindbergh smack on the front page!  Inside there is an incredible radio photograph sent when “Lucky Lindy” landed at Le Bourget in Paris. (see scans)

The newspaper is complete, contains 18 pages, and is in very fine, clean condition–very well preserved.  This one won’t last long!