g-burg-address-full-fp.jpg“Fourscore and seven years ago”….President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 19, 1863

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, New York
December 5, 1863

PRESIDENT LINCOLN DELIVERS HIS NOW LEGENDARY REMARKS AT THE DEDICATION OF THE NATIONAL CEMETERY AT GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA TO HONOR THE SOLDIERS WHO FOUGHT AND DIED ON THAT BATTLEFIELD. This truly historic issue of Leslie’s (a rival of Harper’s Weekly) prints Lincoln’s entire address (see scan) and includes a huge doublepage centerfold with no fewer than seven woodcut illustrations of the ceremony and the battlefield at Gettysburg.  2013 will mark the 150th anniversary of this monumental speech.

The front cover has huge sketch: “THE WAR IN TENNESSEE–LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN AND ITS VICINITY FROM THE POSITION OF THE 11TH ARMY CORPS.” The Confederate flag flies at the top of the famous mountain. There are also two large sketches of the Civil War in Texas and Virginia.

16 pp., complete, and in very good condition. Call, fax, or email me to reserve this historical gem.  Newspapers printing the Gettysburg Address have become virtually impossible to find anymore.  A must for any serious collector or historian.